Information on Hospital Empanelment & Rates


(Upto 31/03/2022)

Rate List 02-05-2021            Clarification

Contact List


Order dated 16/10/2020

Order dated 19/11/2020

Order dated 30/04/2021
De-empanelment of HCO from CGHS Pune (order dated- 30/09/2021)



Simplification of procedure for treatment & Investigations-Covid - 20/05/2021

Guidelines to empanelled hospital for Covid-19 treatment - 11/05/2021

Information on Continuous Empanelment

Office Memorandum

Continuous empanelment is applicable for NABH/NABL/QCI- Office Memorandum

Application and Details

 Document Checklist

Previous Office Memoranda of extension of empanelment 

(for reference purposes only)

 Upto 30.09.2020

Upto 30.06.2020

Upto 31.03.2020

Upto 31.12.2019

Upto 30/09/2019 under CGHS Pune

As on 07.03.2019

Up to 31-03-2019

Up to 31-12-2018

Upto 30-09-2018

Upto 30/06/2018

Upto 31/03/2018

Upto 31/12/2017

 Upto 16/11/2017

AYUSH Hospitals upto 15/12/2017

Upto 16/08/2017

Upto 16/05/2017

List of Empanelled HCOs as on - 14-03-2017

List of Empanelled HCO’s as on – 13-02-2017

Empanelled as on 16/11/2016

Empanelled as on – 13-01-2017

Empanelled as on 10/09/2016

NABH Accredited Hospitals – Notification

Bharati Hospital 

Global Hospital

Pawana Hospital

Empanelment under Continuous Empanelment

OM Regarding Empanelment of New HCOs under CGHS Pune

OM Regarding Empanelment of New HCOs Under CGHS Pune

Ruby Hall Clinic w.e.f. 16/05/2018

Dhanshree Hospital


De-empanelment Notice

Medipoint Hospital

Vasan Eye Care

Jehangir Hospital

Divya Eye Clinic

Dr. Potdar Dental Care Centre

Archived OMs

De-empanelled ; Revocation of Suspension-IMAX Hospital

  As on 10/09/2016

 Revocation of Suspension – Kohakade Hospital             Pioneer Hospital


 Contact details of Hospitals Download     Address & Facilities

 CGHS Empanelment & Rates - Clarification Download 

 QCI/NABH Recommended

 On Extension up to 31/07/2016 - Further Extension beyond 31/07/2016

 Corrigendum OM


 Revocation of Suspension  Revocation 23-08-2016

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